The Publicity Guy Pointers

Why Do I Do What I Do?

Why do I do what I do? For the past three years, I’ve been a public speaker on the topic of trauma and mental health. During that time, I got myself on over 70 Global media outlets and became the subject matter expert the media would turn to when it came to PTSD and trauma. More than giving advice, I was just a story teller. Sharing my story led to saving some lives and changing many lives.

That is why I created “The Publicity Guy.” After media interviews I would get emails from people saying that hearing my story stopped them from attempting suicide. In the past three years I’ve realized the true power of my stories. How stories are really what change the world we live in.

I quickly realized many entrepreneurs had such powerful stories, messages and missions. These are stories that I feel have the chance to change our world. This is why I screen every client before representing them. To make sure I connect with their message.

So, I started this company to help people share their stories to the masses because I know I can continue to have a small part in changing the world.

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