Jenn Scalia - Founder of Million Dollar Mommy

Jenn Scalia is the founder of Million Dollar Mommy a private business consulting company that shows female entrepreneurs how to build a profitable service based business online. She has grown her business rapidly from $0-$500K in two years and her story has been covered in Business Insider and  It is because of Jenn’s success in online marketing that she was able to see a 1400% growth one year in her business with over 700 paying clients in her programs and courses. Jenn’s goal is to help an additional 1,000 female entrepreneurs build a profitable business online by the end of 2016.  




  • Worked with over 700 students through her coaching programs and courses
  • Grew business by 1400% in one year
  • Went from $0- $500,000 in two years
  • Have over 50,000 fans across social media channels and links
  • Featured in Forbes, Business Insider &
  • Has been a guest on over 30 industry podcasts
  • Has a membership site with over 350 students paying a monthly fee
  • Best Selling Author of Against The Grain with Brian Tracy

Passion Statement:  

What I do is help female entrepreneurs how to build a profitable online business with online training courses that show them exactly what steps to take, without breaking the bank or going from program to program. I am very passionate about my work because I truly believe that no matter who you are or where you are, you have the ability to change your life with the right direction and guidance.