Ed O'Keefe - Discoverer of Time Collapsing

Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and most importantly Father of 7 (all under the age of 11, Ed O’Keefe has gone from being dead broke to cracking the code of starting and taking multiple businesses from zero to multiple 7 and even 8 figures.

Creator and Founder of top selling brands such as Marine-D3 (sold over half a million bottles), and strategic consulting products helping motivated entrepreneurs how to take their idea to market and scale using multiple media channels (online, direct mail, newspaper, etc..)

As O’Keefe explains, “I was blessed to grow up being the 12th of 13 kids on the southside of Chicago. That’s why my wife and I are still there.”

After playing volleyball in college, O’Keefe continued coaching volleyball competitively with youth teams as he started down the path of entrepreneurism. While he left college with aspirations of motivational speaking, the first product that gained traction was “Ultimate Mental Toughness Training System For Athletes”. That was followed by the Ultimate Coaching Success System and other video products for coaches and athletes.


“During my ages of 23-28, I literally went and trained under as many of the experts as I could have. I learned NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Cognitive Psychology, Meta-Physics, and most importantly how to integrate all of it into practical coaching methods that the high performer and average person both could use to experience outstanding results.

My philosophy on working with super High Performers is simple: they already know how to be excellent; usually their biggest breakthroughs are found in the smallest distinctions in their thinking or feeling. Get that aligned and they are back to the higher level or beyond fast.”
O’Keefe continues to mentor high level athletes and coach his daughter and sons teams.




Father of 7, Grew up in a family of 13 kids. Graduated With Nursing Degree, but Went Out To Be An Entrepreneur. Grew 2 Businesses FAST in totally different markets that I Didn’t have any prior experience with. Sold one of those divisions before transitioning.

Taught Accelerated Learning and Confidence building to teens as a training ground. Wrote: “Ultimate Mental Training System For Athletes”, and “The Ultimate Coaching Success System”

Passion Statement:  

This short podcast gives you some summary of what Juices me up… of me being interviewed.


I LOVE high performance…and figuring out how to crack the code. I love being around high performers, entrepreneurism, being a dad, and loving life.

Free Time:  

Crossfit, Coaching Volleyball, Raising my Kids,

Unusual Hobbies:  

Just did a 51 Hour Mini-Hell-Week Experience With Navy Seal Instructors; non-stop.

Favorite Charitable Organizations:  

They take orphans whose parents were killed for being persecuted. They house them, feed them, and educate them.