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Media Outreach Template

Reaching out to the media…

It’s important to reach out to each media outlet INDIVIDUALLY that is in your niche.  Make sure not send a bulk copy and paste email.  This will just aggrivate them instead of getting them to have you come on their show.

In each individual outlet you are going to want to reference a show that you listened to/watched or an article that you wrote.  This way they know that you have actually listened to their show and you’re not just some random Entrepreneur just looking for more exposure without fully understanding their shows message.

Along with this, you are also going to want to mention the free gift that you would love to offer their audience.  Explain to them how the offer works.  This will also motivate them or persuade them to have you on their show.  If their audience gets something free out of it, which is good for business.


Action Step
Use this email as a template when reaching out to these media outlets.  Just replace the area’s needed.
Hey  (Show Host First Name),

I actually just got done [listening/reading/watching] your [blog/podast/youtube channel].  My favorite [episode/article/show] is the one you titled (insert title here).  My favorite part is when(insert a favorite part of the article, podcast, show… Explain in detail of what someone said or did and why or how it affected you).

So, the reason I’m reaching out (other than to praise your good work) is because I feel like what I do matches your message perfectly.  I realized that while [watching/reading/listening] to your[blog/podcast/youtube].  I was hoping we could discuss the possibility of me coming onto your show as a guest.

What I do is help (type of person) do (type of action) by (type of service IE: coaching consulting courses etc).  I am very passionate about my work because (ONE sentence from your “Why” that’s most powerful).

Just so you know, if you have me on your show I would also love to offer your audience a free gift.  I’ll even take it a step further and offer them an ADDITIONAL free gift if they take action right after [watching your show/listening to podcast/reading blog].

Would love to talk more about it with you.  Here’s my website with more information on who I am, what I do and why I do it:

Insert Website

Hope to hear back from you soon.

Your Name

**NOTE:  Do not tell them what your gift(s) are during the first email.  It’s an additional way to get them to follow up with you and draw the show host in.  Biggest purpose of this step is to just start the conversation.  If you get invited to the show that’s great, but first step is getting them involved and responding to you.

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