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Facebook Messenger is the new Press Release

Facebook Messenger the new Press Release…

So in the old days Entrepreneurs would use Press Releases to send information out to media outlets about new products or services that they were launching.  The majority of these business owners would never hear back because of the amount of people constantly sending in press releases.  These media outlets would get flooded with them, and still do to this day.

In order to actually get the media exposure you are wanting on large-scale media outlets such as Entrepreneurs, Forbes, Inc, SUCCESS and etc… You are going to want to make personal connections to contributors or the staff.  I always suggest contributors, as they are easier to start conversations with.  Many people already are taking this action and doing so over email.  Email doesn’t guarantee a response.

These contributors are also getting blown up in their email all the time about story pitches and ideas from their readers who want the exposure.  So, the possibility of hearing back from these contributors is also extremely low unless you are an extreme PRO at communicating what you do in such an amazing way that contributors just have to learn more.  This is what we do for our clients here at Patefactus, but we still reach out and make social connections just to take that extra step to guarantee a conversation.

I recently had a conversation with the contributor at Entrepreneur who interviewed my client Caleb Maddix and is going to be featuring him.  During this conversation he told me:

“The only reason I featured Caleb is because first off he had done an interview with Grant Cardone, and secondly because you were so persistent.  It was almost borderline annoying but not quite over that line.  I appreciated that.”

You see, I go above and beyond what others do.  Now this contributor has become a personal friend of mine.  I found him on Facebook and reached out to him and we spoke about Caleb.  I don’t believe in sending an email and hoping for a response.  I believe in contacting people and ensuring a response.

It was this effort that led to me getting my client Caleb Maddix featured on Entrepreneur,Huffington Post, Forbesand start the conversation with Good Morning America within just a few days.

Do this TODAY:
Research the large-scale media outlets that you want to be featured on.  Find the contributors on social media and start following them.  Don’t pitch them right away, and don’t friend request right away.  Just click the follow button on Facebook.  When they share content on their social media, constantly be engaged and comment on what they’re sharing.  Engage with them through their posts by asking questions, leaving positive feedback and building that relationship.

After so much time of doing this you’ll be able to send them a friend request.  Continue to engage with their posts and leave feedback on what they do.  I don’t mean “like” their post.  I mean leave comments on their posts.  After enough time of doing that reach out and start the conversation over messenger.  Build that connection and friendship.

But Andrew, that sounds like a lot of effort just to get featured on one media outlet…

You’re right, it is.  But that one large-scale media outlet can lead to thousands of opt-ins or sales.  I’ve seen it happen for others and myself.  If media is something you want to chase after yourself, this is how you are going to need to do it.

Media exposure comes from personal connections and actually speaking to the journalist, reporter or contributor.  Notice I said “speaking” and not “pitching”.  Building relationships is what will lead to those massive media exposure.  Also, after you get that first one or two large-scale outlets under your belt it’s much easier to leverage those to get on the next large-scale media outlet.

You can learn more steps on how to gain massive media exposure here OR you can hire my team and I and we will do it for you and get you on some of the largest outlets out there.  Just as we have done for Caleb Maddix, and just as I have done for myself without the help of any PR firms out there.

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