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Facebook Ads Get You Media Coverage

Facebook Ads can help get you media exposure…

What many people don’t know is that Facebook ads are a great tool to use in order to get in front of the media outlets.

When creating Facebook ads you are able to target a certain audience.  People who have a certain job title and work for certain companies.  This is great because now you can get yourself in front of people who work at the media outlets you want to be covered on.  Everyone uses Facebook, which means that the reporters, contributors and writers that work for the media outlets are scrolling through their newsfeed just as you are.

It’s also a good idea to target job titles like podcast host, blogger, writer, reporter, and contributor.  After targeting those job titles, make the interests match your niche.  For myself, I would target people whose interest match the Entrepreneur field since my key audience are Entrepreneurs.

Creating ads specific to reporters, large-scale podcasters and bloggers is going to be different than the ones you create for your standard audience.  You really need to put in the effort to make this ad very creative and eye catching.  The catchiest ads will be video ads.

These videos can’t just be made from the camera inside of your laptop, the microphone built into your laptop and the overhead lighting in your house.  You really want a professional look and feel to this video so that nothing else is distracting them.  People wanting to get featured contact them all the time, so it’s important to stand out.

Remember that this Facebook ad isn’t meant to be an advertisement of your services; it’s meant to be an advertisement of you.  Make sure you make this video to where they understand that you are specifically targeting media outlets.  Let me explain:

When you make this video make sure it’s short, powerful and media outlets understand that you’re speaking to them.   For example, what I would do is make a promotional video that shows all of the media outlets I’ve already been on and at the end I would say “You are seeing this ad because you are a podcaster, blogger, writer or reporter.  I would love the opportunity to share with your audience how I was able to accomplish this in a very short amount of time, please reach out to me if you’d like to do an interview.”

Note:  Make sure when making the Facebook ad that you select “The audience must match at least one of the following” and select job titles that I mentioned above.  This way you’re getting your targeting very tight, which will increase the impact of your ad.  I’ve run video ads in the past where my cost per video watch was $0.01.

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