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Group of World-Changing Entrepreneurs

Ready to become the leading authority in your industry, but want to experience how to do it yourself?  This is the group for you.  Our Authority Consulting group is made up of Entrepreneurs who are striving to become THE professional in their industry, not “a” professional.

If you’re the type trying to stand out against all the noise in the Entrepreneur world and show how you’re unique and different, you’re in the right place.  The Authority Consulting group is for Entrepreneurs ready to become the top of their industry by learning how to Gain, Maintain & Leverage media exposure and publicity techniques in order to make their names the most well known in their niche.

By joining this program… You get access to our founder Andrew O’Brien 24/7/365.  Andrew will teach you all the steps you need to become the leading authority in your field by leveraging media exposure plus much more…

What You Get

List of services you get with this package:

Unlimited Support

You get unlimited access to Andrew using the app “Voxer”.  Ask any questions at any time and Andrew will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Group Trainings

Get access to interactive group trainings created specifically for members in this group where Andrew will teach you everything you need to know.

Private Community

You will become part of a private community of high-achieving Entrepreneurs who are striving to become the best in their industry just as you are.


Have the opportunity to build relationships with members in our community and create partnerships that can boost your business to the next level.


More than just getting access to Andrew and the community...

There will be an annual event every year for members of this community.  Each year it well be held at a location that includes water, a beach and a nice hotel.  Spend a weekend learning more strategies, connecting face to face with other members and creating new and powerful relationships with like minded individuals ready to take their business to the next level.


This group is for those who want the experience of creating the authority figure by themselves instead of having us do it for them.  If you are unable to afford our monthly service or just rather get to experience it on your own, this is the program for you.  Plus, you get unlimited access to Andrew any time you have any questions.

What you pay:

The price for becoming part of this group...

$10,000/year with no contracts.  Renew if you want to, if you don’t you can walk away.

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