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Bringing Your Business Out of the Storm

The storm… Last week, I was driving up to Dallas to see my brother Lee for his 30th birthday. When my wife and I got to the Interstate, we heard warnings on the radio about a big storm. About 25 minutes away from the restaurant, we hit it. My wife is extremely scared of storms, especially if we’re driving. She begins to have a hard time breathing and wants me to pull over and wait the storm out.

I told her we need to drive through the storm or we’ll be stuck in it longer.

At points, I could barely see the road because of the amount of rain coming down. She begins to panic because of this storm, but I continued to drive. There was no sunlight in sight, yet I kept driving. After about 10 minutes, sunlight peeked through ahead of us and three minutes later we were out of the storm and under a perfect day. The storm, behind us and a dry road ahead of us.

I noticed something in the mirror, so I turned to my wife and said, “Baby it’s okay. See how dark it is behind us? We got through it and now it’s in the past. If I would’ve pulled over and waited it out, we would still be stuck. I had to keep driving so we could get out of it.”

As I said that to her, I thought about my business.

It was no more than just a few months ago that I’d had to borrow $800 from my brother to pay my mortgage so we wouldn’t get evicted. Recently, I made $60,000 in sales. As I stared at that storm now in back of us, I realized it was a metaphor to the life I had put behind me.

There were times as an Entrepreneur that I couldn’t support my family and I felt so down on myself. Now we’re trying to decide which island in the Caribbean to visit this summer for a family vacation.

It’s always more comfortable to pull over (give up) when there’s a storm (hard time in business).

But by giving up, even if you tell yourself it’s only temporary, you are getting stuck in the eye of the storm. Sometimes, its best to drive against your hurdles because you’ll find light much faster.

Don’t give up on your business ventures. Face the storm, because success could be a short 10-minute drive through the worst of it. You can do it, you can be successful!

One day you’ll glance in the rear view mirror and see that storm as simply a part of the past.



Photo credit: Flickr/Dee Ashley

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