About Us

The Publicity Guy

We’re on a mission to change the world of publicity. We don’t just want to get media exposure…we want our clients to be known across continents as authorities in their fields. Leveraging the limelight is the backbone of our strategy. Media exposure can be so much more than “social proof,” and our team can show you how.

Andrew O'Brien

I began my career as a public speaker in 2013. Had no clue about how to run a business or how to get on media. Three short years later and I have become the most requested speaker in my field (Trauma/Mental Health) and have traveled all over the world speaking.

I have made well over six figures and am on my way to seven. This, all thanks to my media exposure. Without all of these media appearances, I wouldn’t be where I am today, having been featured on over 70 media stations around the world. Before I’d built my media portfolio, I was only charging $2,000 per speaking engagement (including travel and lodging). Exactly one year later…my fees have now increased to $5,000 in addition to travel and lodging.

The best part… I’m not only charging more; I’m getting more clients. And I achieved all of this without spending a dime on a PR firm or agency. After so much media coverage, I started to learn more about the industry and now, grounded in that knowledge and experience, I’ve developed my own ways of getting more coverage, which is beneficial to you!

I don’t have to reach out to media any longer. High-scale media now comes to me. It’s what I teach…how to entice high-scale media to chase you, instead of you chasing them.

I have the in with some of the biggest media sources out there, and I’m proud that I’ve grown to assist many famous name entrepreneurs in earning their own major media exposure.

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Candace O'Brien

Candace directs the daily operations for our team as well as managing our financials. The complement to Andrew’s visionary mindset, Candace is a strong organizer and keeps our team grounded. Candace is a country girl, originally from Oklahoma, and she’s been riding horses since she was old enough to sit up. She began competing as a barrel racer in middle school. Her prowess earned her a full-ride scholarship to Connors State College as a member of their rodeo team. She moved to Austin after college to be near family and met Andrew, since then being incredibly supportive as he takes on new entrepreneurial challenges and puts his energy into growing his vision. Candace has taken a break from racing while having her three children, and is now back in the saddle continuing to compete.

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Grace Alfar

A native Austinite, Grace brings six years of videography, photography, editing, and graphic design experience to the TPG team. When she’s not busy making brilliant visual materials for our team, you can find her working out, exploring Downtown Austin, or doing something outdoorsy. She’ll definitely be wearing her Vibrams and most likely won’t be far from having had a cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

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