Done For You Service

Public Relations

Done For You Service

Ready to have a PR firm completely take over your public relations?  Our team becomes your company’s entire PR department.  This means that we handle all incoming requests, all media outreach and all article writing.  All you do is show up for the interviews.  The purpose of hiring us is to:

  1. Build an even larger authority figure behind you
  2. Increase and Boost Sales to gain a massive ROI on our services
  3. Build a form of trust with cold leads who don’t know you
  4. Social proof
  5. Increase marketing tools
    & Much more!

*Please keep in mind… We only focus on large scale publications.  We do not focus on Podcasts OR Television.  We keep our niche to publications because that’s where the audience actually converts.  Television is good for looks, but doesn’t convert or turn into a good ROI.

What You Get

List of services you get with this package:

Media Outreach Manager

A Media Outreach Manager who handles all of the outreach to publications on behalf of your company

Booking Team

A booking team who handles your calendar and books the interviews for you.  Also takes incoming Podcast requests and approves or denies them.

Andrew O'Brien

He builds new and maintains existing media relationships with reporters/contributors around the world at the largest publications.


More than just getting you booked...

Private consulting by Andrew and his team on how to leverage the media feature to ensure massive ROI through social media, advertising and proper email marketing. Also ensuring preparedness for media exposure to ensure large opt ins and conversions.  This company is all about increasing your sales through media exposure… not just adding those pretty little badges to your home page.


Show up for interviews

What you pay:

The price for a completely "Done For You" service...

$9,700/month with a minimum of 3 month contract

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