Andrew O'Brien
The Publicity Guy
As seen on over 70 global media outlets including MSNBC, USA Today, The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, MTV, BBC, NHK and many others. Andrew O'Brien now helps other successful Entrepreneurs spread their message, increase audience exposure and boost sales through high-scale media placements.

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A Little About Us

Why we're growing so fast...

We are more than just a PR firm. PR firms are often difficult to work with, don’t offer guarantees and will book you on any media outlet that will have you. The Publicity Guy focuses on niche targeting to place you in front of your avatar audience. We don’t accept just any interview or feature offer on your behalf, especially one, which may not fulfill your professional aims. Your media exposure has to make sense. And we provide more than just niche targeting. We also pledge to work with your team to ensure your media appointments are leveraged properly to boost sales and brand awareness. Media is more than just a pretty badge for your website.